You’ve landed on the blog for VISIONS Across America, a project of the Iowa State University Alumni Association’s VISIONS magazine. Editor Carole Gieseke (that’s me) and photographer Jim Heemstra will be traveling from fall 2011 until fall 2013, meeting alumni in every state, taking their pictures, doing interviews, accepting food handouts, and sleeping on floors. Well, maybe not sleeping on floors…we’re not as young as we used to be. But we will be maximizing our travel time and meeting with as many Iowa Staters as we possibly can.

All this travel will culminate in a special expanded issue of VISIONS in spring 2014. (If you’re not a member of the ISU Alumni Association, you won’t get the magazine, so please join!) Our travels will be broken up with other magazine deadlines, other jobs (Jim is a freelance photographer), and life in general. We plan to take a road trip every couple of months, and I hope to blog rather consistently whether we’re on the road or not because there will always be something new to talk about.

The blog will include photos taken by Jim (the good ones) or me (the less-good ones), and I’ll be telling stories about the people we meet along the way.

We’re very excited about this project! Check back often, and visit our VISIONS Across America website, where you can post your own stories.

Happy travels!

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  1. Scott Gonzales, Publisher January 4, 2013 at 10:03 pm #

    Would like to publish this article in the Guthrie Center Times with your permission

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