Getting the word out

15 Sep

We announced the VISIONS Across America project in our fall issue of VISIONS. The magazine dropped in the mail on Tuesday, so I hope to start getting feedback and story ideas from alumni SOON. I can’t wait!

Our website also went live this week, thanks to a lot of hard work by Brooke Guinn, Kayla Schantz, Tara Larson, and especially Kate Bruns. Kate was expecting a baby on Sept. 26 but delivered three weeks early on Sept. 5. She desperately wanted to finish the website before the baby was born, so she literally worked on it from the delivery room. That’s what I call a team player!  Now all the site needs is YOUR stories and photos. I’m very excited about the site’s potential to connect alumni in their home states (and Washington, D.C. … they have their own page, too).

One other thing we did yesterday was send a message out to all the people on campus who work in the areas of communications and alumni relations. These are folks who work within the colleges (and in other areas) who are very familiar with the graduates of their programs. They keep in touch with them and know where they are and what they’re doing. I expect this group to give me lots of great story ideas. I’ve already received suggestions about alumni in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Washington, D.C., and Texas.

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