Last call for alumni stories in southeast states

6 Jan

As we get into the new year, plans are underway for the next two VISIONS Across America trips. First up in February is Hawaii, where we’re meeting with three alumni on the island of Oahu. After that, we’ll be going to the southeast states of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and South Carolina in March. We may try to include Tennessee in this trip, or we might wait to go there in May — that’s still sort of up in the air.

If you live in any of these southeast states and haven’t sent us your story ideas yet — or if you know alumni who live there who would make great stories for our VISIONS Across America project — please send them to me by next week ( so we can start contacting alumni and firming up our travel plans. We also hope to have an alumni event in Atlanta on or around March 23 — stay tuned for details if you live in that area.

And just so you’re aware, we’re always accepting story ideas for ANY state we haven’t yet covered. This is a two-year process, so we’re working through the country little bits at a time. So far it’s been a blast hearing from so many of you!




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