Celebrate your state! (And participate in Cy’s Days of Service this month)

5 Apr


So here’s a fun thing that crosses into a lot of different areas of the ISU Alumni Association in April. It’s sort of a VISIONS Across America meets ISUAA Clubs meets community service meets Iowa State pride.

It’s called Cy’s Days of Service, and it’s a project that runs throughout the month of April 2013. It’s designed to unite alumni in every state – and across the world – during the month of April, because that’s VEISHEA month. VEISHEA, as we all know, has a great tradition of service, so we thought this would be a cool way for alumni to continue that spirit of service even after they graduate. The ISU Alumni Association started this program last April, and it was a huge success (Cyclones donated a combined 1,500 hours of service worldwide).

Several of the ISUAA Clubs participate in Cy’s Days of Service as a group, but even if you don’t live in an active club area, you can get your own group of Iowa Staters together or even do a service project on your own.

If you do participate in Cy’s Days of Service (or even if you don’t) you can show your Iowa State pride no matter what state you live in by wearing your own custom ISU T-shirt. Yep, you can order a shirt that tells the world, “I’m a FLORIDA Cyclone.” (Obviously, you’ll just substitute your state name if you don’t live in Florida.)

Don’t forget to log your service hours and submit photos so everyone will know the awesome work you’re doing. Also, you can promote and follow service projects via our Cy’s Days of Service Facebook page.

Isn’t this a great project?

Thanks to Bridget Moore (’02 English) and Rafael Perez-Micheli (’97 art & design, ’03 graphic design) for modeling their shirts for Jim and me when we visited them in Sanford, Fla., in February.

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