Getting ready for Alaska – and beyond

20 Jun

If it seems like there hasn’t been much activity on this blog lately, you’re right: We haven’t been on the road for more than a month. I’ve been working on my “regular” projects for the Alumni Association (the summer issue of VISIONS, our 2012-13 wall calendar, a catalog of travel tours) that will be mailed out in the next couple of weeks.

But with those projects behind me now, it’s time to think about our upcoming VISIONS Across America trips. We’ll be going to Alaska in two weeks, meeting with three alumni. Bob Chlupach is a 1971 fisheries and wildlife biology grad who lives in Willow, Laura Tauke is a 2005 graphic design alum who lives in Anchorage, and Darrell Holmstrom is a 1974 aerospace engineering grad who flies for Fed Ex.  Alaska is one of my favorite states, so I’m pretty excited to be going back. I am looking forward to long, sunny days and hoping for all-around good weather while we’re up there.

And then in August we’ll be hitting the road again. This time the trip will be a little closer to home. We’re traveling to Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. We have a large base of alumni in these states, so it’s been tough trying to decide where to go and whom to see. I still don’t have my schedule 100 percent finalized, but I am getting closer. Thanks to all the alumni in those states who took the time to write and tell their stories. You can read their stories on the state pages (go to and click on  the map to read stories from each state.)



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