First morning in Alaska

6 Jul

“There’s a big bull moose up on the left and a younger one on the right.”

This is the word from a bicyclist Jim Heemstra and I have just met on the bike trail at Kincaid Park in Anchorage, AK. We’re there to scout a location for a photo we’re shooting Saturday of alumna Laura Tauke (’05 graphic design), an avid cyclist.

We thank the biker for the heads up and continue on the trail.

And then — there he is. The biggest moose I ever saw — definitely the CLOSEST moose I ever saw — with the biggest rack of antlers. He’s just hanging out, munching away on the vegetation.

We stare at him, transfixed. Taking a thousand pictures, of course. He raises his head, looking straight at us. Um, nice photo, but uh-oh. What have I read about moose? That they’re far more dangerous than bears. That you probably don’t want to piss them off…by taking photos? I’m not too clear on that part, but Jim and I look at each other with fear in our eyes and slowly walk away.

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